Microbial Natural Products are a class of natural products produced by various fermentable organisms.

Below is a non-exhaustive list of examples suitable for Isomerase's bioengineering technology. Please get in touch if you would like to optimize your natural product hit using biosynthetic medicinal chemistry.

  Target/mechanism Example therapeutic areas
9-methyl streptimidone NF-κB Oncology
Aburatubolactam A TPA-induced superoxide anion generation  
Abyssomicin I   Antibacterial 
Actinopyrone A   Infectious disease (Helicobacter) 
Aculeximycin   Infectious disease (gram positive and negative bacteria) 
Aflastatin A  Inhibition of aflatoxin production  
Albocycline  Prolyl endopeptidase Infectious disase (antiviral, insecticidal) 
Ammocidin Apopotosis induction in ras-dependent cells   Oncology
Amphotericin Sterols  Infectious disease (antifungal) 
Amycomycin   Antibiotic 
Ansamitocin P3 Tubulin Oncology
Antascomicin B  FKBPs  
Antibiotic UCF 116A Ras Farnesyl tranferase  Oncology 
Antimycin A1  Bcl-xL Oncology 
Apoptolidin F0F1-ATPase  Oncology 
Avermectin B1a GABA release, MDR pump inhibitor  Antihelminthic, Insecticidal 
Aazalomycin cytosolic phospholipase A2 Antifungal 
Aafilomycin  V-ATPase  Oncology
Bafilomycin  V-ATPase  Oncology 
Batumin   Antibiotic (MRSA) 
Bleomycin   Oncology
Borrelidin  spliceosome, tRNA synthetase  Oncology
Bongkrekic acid adenine nucleotide translocase, mPTP   
Boromycin   Antiviral, Bacteriocidal
Bryostatin  PKC pathway Oncology 
Calicheamycin DNA Oncology
Calyculin A Protein phosphatase 1, Protein Phosphatase 2A   
Chivosazole Actin  Oncology 
Chlorothricin GRP78 pathway, malate dehydrogenase  
Concanamycin   V-ATPase  Oncology
Conglobatin NFAT pathway   Oncology
Daptomycin   Antibacterial
Delactonmycin  HIV rev protein Antiviral 
Ebelactone Pancreatic lipase, Esterase  
Ellaiophylin NO synthesis  Immunomodulator, antihelminthic 
Epothilone  Tubulin Oncology 
Erythromycin  Bacterial ribosome Antibacterial 
Fidaxomycin Bacterial RNA polymerase   Antibacterial
Filipin EGF-R inhibitor   
FK506  FKBPs, calcineurin  Immunosuppressive
Fluviricin   Antiviral 
Fredericamycin  Pin1  Oncology
Geldanamycin  Hsp90  Oncology
Herbimycin Hsp90   Oncology
Hymeglusin HMG-CoA synthase  Antibiotic 
Ionomycin induces PKC, Ca ionophore   
Irumamycin    Antifungal
Josamycin peptidyl tRNA  Antibacterial 
Kamonolide    Plant growth
Kedarcidin DNA Oncology
Kendomycin Proteasome   Oncology
Kijinamycin  GRP78 pathway  
Kirromycin  EF-Tu Antibiotic 
Langkolide Phosphodiesterase PDE4  Antibiotic 
Lankamycin   Antibacterial 
Lasalocid  Ionophore  Antibiotic
Leptomycin CREM-1/exportin-1 nuclear transport   Oncology
Lipomycin   Immunomodulator 
Lonomycin Ionophore   
Lydicamycin    Antibiotic
Macbecin  Hsp90  Oncology
Maduramycin  Ionophore  Anticryptosporidial
Maduropeptin DNA Oncology
Malolactomycin  MMP-1, MMP-9, Ras signalling Oncology 
Manumycin Farnesyltransferase, STAT3, Ras pathway  Oncology 
Mepartricin   Antibiotic 
Meridamycin FKBPs   
Methymycin   Immunomodulator 
Migrastatin Angiogenesis   Oncology
Milbemycin Cl-gated Ion channels  
Monensin  Ionophore  Antibiotic
Mupirocin   Antibacterial
Napthomycin    Antibacterial
Narasin  Ionophore  Antibiotic
Nargenicin nuclear factor-kappa beta  Antibiotic 
Neocarzinostatin DNA Oncology
Nemadectin   Nematocidal, insecticidal 
Nigericin  Ionophore, stem cells  Antibiotic
Nystatin Sterols  Antifungal 
Oligomycin V-ATPase   Oncology
Picromycin    Immunomodulator
Piericidin NADPH-ubiquinone oxidoreductase Oncology
Pimaricin   Antifungal, Antiviral 
Pironetin Actin   Oncology
Pladienolide Spliceosome, SF3b   Oncology
Rapamycin mTOR, FKBPs   Immunosuppression, Oncology
Reveromycin isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase   
Rhizoxin  Tubulin Oncology 
Rifamycin Bacterial RNA polymerase   Antibiotic
Rosamycin  Bacterial ribosome Antibiotic 
Salinomycin  Ionophore Antibacterial 
Sanglifehrin Cyclophilins  Antiviral
Simocylinone gyrase   Antibiotic
Spinosyn nicotinic acetylcholine receptor activators (nAChRs) Insecticidal 
Spliceostatin Spliceosome Oncology
Strevertene    Antifungal
Sultriecin PP2A   Oncology
Tautomycetin  PP1, PP2A  Oncology
Tetromycin phosphatidylinositide-3'-kinase/Akt signalling pathwayy   
Tetronasin Ionophore   
Trichostain HDAC inhibitor   Oncology
Trienomycin   Oncology 
Tubulysin Tubulin Oncology
Tylosin Ribosome   Antibacterial
Vancomycin   Antibacterial
Venturicidin V-ATPase   Oncology
Versipelostatin GRP78 pathway   
Virustomycin  V-ATPase Oncology 
Yokonolide Auxin-dependent Aux/IAA degradation